Sistema SPRINT con Magnético para Toros Maximize

Sistema SPRINT con Magnético para Toros

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# Para carretillas elevadoras.
# Ideal para carretillas elevadoras en obras de construcción y en almacenes.
# Lectura precisa sin necesidad de detener el cargador.


Install the LOADRITE® Sprint# on your forklift or small wheel loader and see how you#ll save time and money. This costeffective onboard weighing system combines basic functions required to load once and load right, along with the exceptional service and support that LOADRITE® provides. With only six keys the LOADRITE® Sprint# is operator friendly and simple to use.

Install a LOADRITE® Sprint# and reduce costs by:
# Loading accurately the first time
# Eliminating costly overload fines
# Minimizing lost product from overloading
# Reducing wear and tear on machines caused by overloading stresses

The LOADRITE® Sprint# is ideal for small wheel loaders working on construction sites and forklifts operating in warehouses.

Features Include:

Product totals: tracks a product so that daily totals can be produced
Zeroing: helps avoid inaccurate readings if wet or sticky materials build up in the bucket
Auto add mode: automatically adds the lifted weight to the total every time a load is lifted
Data analysis: load information such as summary reports can be produced with the LOADRITE Printer or transferred to the LOADRITE Material Management System for further analysis (both sold separately)
Remote add button: ergonomically designed and mounted closely to the loader controls, so the load can be added at the press of a button (sold separately)
Multiple languages: seven language options including English, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish
Physical features: large easily visible LCD display and keys with backlighting for night and low light operation
Clock: clock function providing time and date information

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