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Measure your productivity to improve business efficiency. Turn your LOADRITE Onboard Weighing System into a sophisticated production management tool with the LOADRITE Material Management System (MMS).

The LOADRITE MMS enables you to gather load data from your LOADRITE scale and transfer it across your site in a secure, paperless manner.

It records information from your loading operation which can later be used to assist inventory management and product tracking. Look at the reports you can generate from your LOADRITE scale if you team it up with LOADRITE MMS.

The LOADRITE MMS is compatible with the LOADRITE L-2180, Express and Sprint Systems
Easy-to-use database with:
- Adjustable data columns
- Option to hide and unhide data whilst viewing
- Simple #click and drag# action to change data order
- Ability to filter data by time, operator, product, trucks, etc

A #Find# function which enables you to search for specific records by loader, date, location tc
Customizable reports with six levels of grouping
Remote access for reporting across your company#s network
Exportable information - reports can be printed or exported as CSV format to other programs for data analysis or manipulation
Export function which enables you to download data and email to other sites or offices
A user interface which allows you to view the data while selecting, so you know what you are going to get before you export it
Archiving function # archive old or unwanted data for storage with the option to retrieve it at a later date for further analysis

A configuration wizard which helps you to get started and allows you to customize site settings such as your customer list, products handled, loaders operating and site locations

Secure login - optional password only access
Comprehensive electronic documentation and help

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