SECA700  220 Kg. / 50 gr. with meter of height SECA220 Maximize

SECA700 220 Kg. / 50 gr. with meter of height SECA220

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Scale Weighs people of Roman of 220 Kg. fraction 50 gr.

It weighs mechanical people of column with sliding weights to the height of the eyes

Precise, robust and practical, the new one dry 700 benefit the medical personnel so much as to the patients. It establishes a new standard at world level. Bigger precision due to the division of 50 g and bigger capacity, of up to 220 kg. Bigger comfort thanks to the low and wide platform and to the scale with weights to the height of the eyes. The weight people dries 700 it is available in three versions: kilograms, pounds and kilograms / you liberate. With the meter of dry optional height 220, of a mensuration reach of 60 to 200 cm., he/she allows to carry out the weight and the mensuration in a single step. Equipped with wheels of transport integrated for a mobile and flexible use.


Capacity: 220 kg.
Division: 50 gr.
Dimensions: 520 x 1556 x 519 mm.
Dimensions platform: 350 x 84 x 360 mm.
Weight: 23,5 kg.


Mensuration reach: 60 - 200 cm.
Division: 1 mm.

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