K3i-60PI 60 Kg. / 10 gr. (400x400 mm) Maximize

K3i-60PI 60 Kg. / 10 gr. (400x400 mm)

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416,00 €

520,00 €

Industrial scale total stainless of 60 Kg. fraction 10 gr. of 400x400 mm.

- Automatic backlight display.
- Weight limits function with acoustic alarm.
- Internal rechargeable battery.
- One load cell platforms.
- Six platform sizes (X, S, P, M, L and XL).
- Stainless steel weighing pan.
- Structure of steel (S, L and XL) or aluminum (M).
- Aluminum load cell with IP-65 protection.
- Capacities from 15 kg to 600 kg

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