VALOR 1000 3 Kg. / 0,5 gr. Maximize

VALOR 1000 3 Kg. / 0,5 gr.

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Industrial scale of 3 Kg. fraction 0,5 gr.

To weigh function multi and economic in a compact scale.

The scales of precision Ohaus Value 1000 are an economic option for their necessities of weighing basic. The standard software includes a way of verification of the weight, a way of accumulation and multiple measure units. The scales Value 1000 present a platform of weighing of collapsible stainless steel and a box of plastic ABD of half profile with leveling adjustment. Also, all the scales come with a battery rechargeable intern of long duration for a bigger portability and he/she practices.

The benefits standard include:
- Maximum display resolution: 7.500 d.
- Robust box of ABS.
- Plate of stainless steel.
- Bubble of integrated leveling and adjustable feet.
- Screen LCD of high contrasts illumination Blue Led with digits 20 mm high.
- Screen indicators: I center of zero, stability, net, it adds, excess confirmation / acceptance / defect, unit of weighing and level of load of the battery.
- Time stabilization: <= 3 seconds.
- Four units of heavy: kg, g, lb and oz.
- Specific key of HANGUP for an operative one quick and simple.
- Accumulative function for pesos and pieces.
- Application ways: Control + / - in weight.
- Levels of adjustable filters to adapt to any environment.
- Rechargeable internal battery with 80/100 hours of autonomy (with / without illumination) with a time of recharge of 12 hours.
- Included Adapting CA 9 V DC 500 MA.

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